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Banila Co Beauty Diary

#Play Hard: Stay Strong and Pretty!

They say that strong is the new pretty, but why not be both? Sure, working out may cause you to look extremely wasted and haggard and may even cause some damage to your skin. But did you know that there are ways to look blooming even while you’re running on the treadmill or when lifting weights? All you need are the right products and the right knowledge to play hard without compromising your beauty! Lucky for you, Banila Co. is here to help you out!

Skin Talk: Knowing Your Type

Now that summer’s over, it’s time to let our skin heal and recover from all the damaging effects of having fun under the sun. But before we help you out in figuring out the correct products to use, it’s important to identify your skin type. Knowing about your skin type is the first step to everything skincare-related as it is an important factor in choosing the appropriate products that will give you the best results.

Perfect V: The Korean Method to Getting a Smaller, Slimmer Face

If ever someone compliments you for having a small face, take it to heart! In South Korea, the smaller your face is, the more attractive you are. In fact, it’s become such a huge beauty standard for them that various beauty industries have been coming up with innovations to get that Perfect “V” line face shape.

K-Beautify Your Mom This Mother's Day!

Has your mom been bugging you about your obsession for anything Korean? Why not introduce her to your interests and gift her with K-beauty goodies that just might convert her into being a Korean fanatic as well? Check out these products you can give your mom this Mother's Day. Who knows, she might just start watching K-dramas with you or even accompany you to your favorite oppas' concerts!

Seoul Searching: Your Guide to K-Beauty and everything Seoul!

We all know that Seoul had always been popular for their uniqueness and creativity. Because of their innovations, Seoul had become a springboard for new fads and is now becoming one of the most influential countries when it comes to setting trends in the beauty and fashion industry all over the world.
Over the past few years, various make-up and skincare products were released and they almost always never disappoint. Of course, in the middle of all these amazing and effective inventions, is the beautiful city of Seoul!

Find Out Your Lip Personality!

Who doesn’t love lipsticks? Not only does it completely change one’s look, but it’s also a way for us to express our mood and personalities. Some might prefer going for their signature lip color while others are fond of playing around with various shades— both natural and bold. We at Banila Co., believe that everyone can rock any shade. All you need is the perfect shade, the perfect finish and a whole lot of confidence!

Sculpt Right with the So Contouring Trio!

Last week’s blog post was a guide on what to contour and highlight depending on the shape of your face. Now that you’ve probably figured it out, it’s time that we teach you how to use our latest So Contouring collection! (If you haven’t seen the previous blog post, you can read it here) Keep in mind that Koreans are very innovative so their techniques (and contouring products too) might be a bit different from the usual Western way you often see.