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Prime Primer Finish Powder: The Best of the Best

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What is a finish powder? Do I really need another make-up product? We know you have a lot of questions about finish powders and their main purpose in one’s beauty regimen. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Read on to know why setting your make-up is something that you shouldn’t skip and why our Prime Primer Finish Powder is the BEST among the rest!


A finish powder is often used in the final step of one’s beauty regimen in order to set the make-up and make it last longer. These are formulated to mattify the face and to reduce oiliness caused by excess sebum. Most finish powders are white but hey, no need to get intimidated by its color. It blends into the skin really well and actually has a translucent finish.


Setting your make-up is a very important step during make-up application. Using a finish powder does not merely seal everything in place, but it also improves the longevity of your make-up. There are two ways to set your make-up: one is by using a finishing spray and the second is with the use of a finish powder. If you’d rather opt for a more dewy finish instead of a mattified one, the finishing spray is the ideal product to use. However, if you’d like to reduce some shine, go for the finish powder; it’s the best product to use especially during the summer when it’s hot and humid outdoors.


Banila Co’s Prime Primer Finish Powder gained a lot of positive feedback from users and managed to get awards from Get It Beauty (Korea’s no. 1 beauty show), Allure Korea and Bloggers’ Best. Recently, our finish powder was able to snatch the top spot in Glow Pick’s finish powder category, outranking other brands’ finish powders such as Make-Up Forever and Innisfree. Glow Pick is a Korean app in which thousands of K-beauty junkies rank and rate products in a certain category. So if you’re dying to have flawless skin like that of famous Korean actresses and pop stars, it’s safe to say that our finish powder is definitely a must-have!

Now, let’s break down all these into a more detailed discussion.


People tend to overlook the ingredients when purchasing make-up when in fact, it’s very important for them to know the content of the products that they use on their face. Aside from being an effective product, Banila Co’s finish powder is formulated with ingredients that are mild and even beneficial to the skin.

The Prime Primer Finish Powder is free of talc and parabens— both of which are toxic ingredients that may cause cancer. Yikes! Better check on the ingredient list the next time you are out to buy make-up. When purchasing a finish powder, it’s best that you opt for one that has mineral content which leads us to the next key ingredient of our finish powder.

Our finish powder has mineral substance and micro cotton powder derived from Pure Nature Complex (glacier water + nordenausceltic water + hot spring water) which helps in the minimizing of skin imperfections such as fine lines and pores.

Our Prime Primer Finish Powder is not only free of harmful ingredients, but it also contains contents like White Water Lily, Watermelon and Plaintain Leaf extracts which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent skin cell damage. Check out Soko Glam’s review and find out why she considers our finish powder a “rare unicorn”!


When setting our make-up, what we want is to look as natural as much as possible and in order to achieve this, we need only a thin layer that won’t cake and won’t add coverage. Since Banila Co’s finish powder is so fine, it easily blends into the skin and gives your face an airbrushed effect.

Because of its rolling powder and micro cotton fiber content that has a light-diffusing effect, it smoothens out skin imperfections and imparts a sheer glow on the skin for a natural finish. Although it does its job in reducing shine, it doesn’t entirely mattify your face and instead, gives you a luminous, healthy glow.


1. Setting Make-Up

  • Of course the first way to use our finish powder is to set our make-up in order to prevent it from moving or smudging, especially on a hot summer day. Although a puff is included, using a brush is the best way to apply the finish powder as this will evenly distribute the product on your face. For an airbrushed effect, use a small fan brush and lightly apply the powder all over your face, focusing on areas where it tends to get oily. Using a fan brush will not only even out the product on your face but it will also give your skin a perfect natural-looking sheer finish.

Korean blogger, Youngvely shows the before and after effect of using our finish powder to set her make-up.

       2. Oil Blotting Paper Substitute

      • Ran out of oil film? Use our finish powder as a substitute and say goodbye to oily face! It’s inevitable for our skin to produce excess oil especially when we are faced with external factors such as heat and high humidity. In order to reduce shine and prevent excess sebum from messing up with your make-up, apply a small amount of finish powder on areas with the most oil. Like what we’ve mentioned early on, applying layers of our finish powder won’t cause your make-up to cake because of its fine texture and feather-like weight.

      Check out Korean blog Hello, Youngvely's photo below to see what our finish powder does to your skin! Not only did it manage to reduce shine but it also minimized the appearance of fine lines.

        3. Improve Longevity of Eye and Lip Make-Up

        • If you want to prolong the staying power of your eye and lip make-up, apply finish powder beforehand as this will allow the make-up to adhere to your skin better. If you want to level up your eyeliner’s longevity, dab a little bit of our finish powder on top of it to seal it. Our finish powder is translucent so don’t worry about it causing your eyeliner to fade.

        Jenny, a Korean beauty blogger tested out the effect Banila Co's finish powder has on a pencil eyeliner. She swatched the eyeliner on bare skin (left side) and on skin applied with our finish powder (right side). After letting the eyeliner set, she rubbed it off and results show that our finish powder indeed increased the eyeliner's lasting power.


        Need more proof? Head over to her blog to watch the video!

        • The same trick applies to your lips but it can be done in different ways. Applying our finish powder prior to your lipstick will make the color even more pigmented. No time for touch-ups? Dab some finish powder before applying the second layer of your lipstick. Doing this will prevent your lippie from feathering out and will highly boost its longevity.
        • Want to mattify your lips? Get a thin sheet of tissue paper and place it on top of your lips before using a brush to dab some finish powder on it. Remove the tissue paper and voila! Instant matte lips!

        4. Absorb Excess Oil in Hair

        • Yep, you read that right. Our finish powder isn’t only limited to our faces but it may also be used to absorb the excess oil in our hair. Sometimes, long travels via plane can be a pain in the butt not only because the air inside tends to wreak havoc on our skin but also because our hair gets greasy during the flight. Applying finish powder on the roots may not give the hair some volume, but it does the trick in soaking up extra oil!

        Huge thanks to Korean beauty blogger, Da Gyeom for sharing this trick! See how effective our finish powder is in soaking up oil?


        Remember, one key to having flawless make-up is having the right finish powder to seal your make-up and we think that Banila Co’s Prime Primer Finish Powder is the best one you can use! Hope this answered your questions and helped you understand finish powders better.


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