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The Secret to Getting that Flawless Korean Skin While You Sleep

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Koreans are known to have flawless, dewy skin that everyone dreams to have. They always seem to have radiant, healthy-looking skin and we’re not only talking about the famous actresses and pop stars we see on television— pretty much every Korean woman we come across, even here in the Philippines, have that kind of skin. So what’s their secret? How do they retain such perfect, porcelain skin? It’s actually really simple: skin care.

Although skin care is a basic necessity, we Filipinos tend to overlook it as we are all about getting instant gratification. We want to get results immediately. We want to have flawless complexion? We go for make-up instead of skin care products but in reality, it’s much more important to invest on products that will improve our skin in the long run. Attaining perfect, healthy skin that’s to die for isn’t all about using the right make-up products— it all boils down to having good, healthy skin to work on. So if you’re one of those wanting to have skin like that of Koreans but don’t have the time to go on a facial treatment, check out this key product that’s essential to their skincare regimen!


Sleeping packs may sound foreign since these aren’t really popular in the Philippines. Although such a product is quite uncommon, we think they are underrated and are a great substitute for professional facial treatments.

Since sleeping packs are sometimes referred to as sleeping masks, it isn’t surprising to hear people associate it with actual sheet masks made out of a thin cloth or silk that is placed on the face. A sleeping pack usually comes in cream or gel formula that you apply to your face before going to bed. Not to worry about having some gooey substance on your face when you sleep. Sleeping packs aren’t messy to use as these products are easily absorbed by the skin.

Sleeping packs may share the same function as a night cream but these are actually much better because they provide your skin with a deeper treatment. While night creams are great resources for vitamins and skin-soothing ingredients, sleeping packs are made to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Aside from providing intense hydration, sleeping packs also have skin-repairing abilities. Since sleeping packs are supposed to be an overnight thing, it supplies your skin with high moisture and enough nutrients as you snooze away! You’ll wake up with smooth and supple skin that would make a great canvas for make-up.

L-R: It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack, F&B Goodnight Finish Mask, The Black 17 Sleeping Pack


Sleeping packs are very easy to use. After cleansing your face and doing the rest of your night time routine, use a sleeping pack in lieu of a night cream or moisturizer. Apply a generous amount and massage it onto your face. Leave it on to dry, proceed to your beauty sleep and let it do its magic! Just make sure to wash it off first thing in the morning.

Now that you know what sleeping packs are, time to differentiate the three kinds that Banila Co. has to offer!


If you’re struggling with dry, coarse skin then the It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack is perfect for you. Its water droplet formula gives the skin instant and immense hydration and at the same time, leaves it with a dewy glow after usage. It’s super lightweight and is not sticky when absorbed by the skin because of its water-like texture upon application. It has a 3-layer moisture locker which envelops the skin with intense hydration and seals in all the moisture it provides.  The It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack contains carob seeds— these are brown seeds that look like peas and come in a pod. These seeds help in keeping your skin moisturized and supple. Since this specific sleeping pack has White Flower Complex, it also has skin-brightening abilities.

The It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack’s function isn’t only limited to being an overnight facial treatment. It may also be used as a daily moisturizer that may be applied before doing one’s make-up. To use it as a day moisturizer, apply a thin layer on the face and wait for your skin to absorb it before proceeding to make-up application. For an extra moisturized look, this may also be mixed with a BB or CC Cream and foundation.


Formulated with 17 carefully selected black food ingredients, The Black 17 Sleeping Pack relieves stress and helps the recovery process of the skin during night time. The natural black food content found in this sleeping pack keeps the skin condition balanced by fighting the harsh effects of free radicals and enhances the skin’s elasticity while revitalizing it as well. Check out its key ingredients and what they do to your skin!

  • Black Cacao – fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Black Mulberry – soothes irritated and fatigued skin
  • Black Bean – provides the skin with hydration and nourishment
  • Black Rice – an antioxidant ingredient that prevents the manifestation of pre-aging signs

The Black 17 Sleeping Pack also contains moisturizing capsules that help support the skin’s natural collagen while sealing in hydrators. These moisturizing capsules have an increased moisture-retention effect that gives you deeply hydrated and healthy-looking skin upon washing off.

Unlike other sleeping packs, The Black 17 is a gel-formula with tiny beads that dissolve when you massage it onto your skin. Twist open the cap and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful galaxy-esque view!


This thick and creamy sleeping pack is highly recommended for all skin types. It has brightening and wrinkle-improving abilities that gives your skin with full nourishment during the night. The Goodnight Finish Mask contains 3 natural oils and 5 herb water that are absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, thus giving you an intensive treatment. Its propriety complex of Lavender, Rosemary and Argan extracts help to relieve highly distressed and fatigued skin. Because of its high-density and long-lasting formula, it leaves the skin looking firmer, lifted and more supple after washing.


It’s not required for you to use sleeping packs every night, using them once or twice a week will already give you results. Don’t hesitate to splurge on great skin care products; trust us, your skin will definitely thank you for the extra TLC you’ll be giving it. Treat yourself every once in a while with a sleeping pack simply because you deserve it!


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