Skin Care 101: What you need to know about Double Cleansing

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One of the best feelings in the world is coming home to take off our makeup and clean our faces from all the dust and grime accumulated from the day. But did you know that merely washing your face isn’t enough to completely clean your skin?

Korean and Japanese women, who are known to be passionate about having clean and healthy skin in order to achieve the naturally youthful look have tried and tested a practice we decided to dip our hands into. Double cleansing is a discipline added to the end of the day’s skin care routine.

At first, like anyone else who has settled into a skin care routine, we were sceptical about adding another step to our daily skin care regimen (especially when we’re already so tired coming home from the day’s events). But after dipping our hands into it and trying it out, we’ve finally seen the light as to the huge difference it makes on our skin in the long run.

So what is Double Cleansing exactly?

We spend a lot of time applying multiple layers of cosmetics and skincare products on our faces before heading out the door that it’s only appropriate to make that much effort to remove all the products and the dirt accumulated at the end of the day as well. Double cleansing ensures just that. It's basically a two-step process that begins with removing makeup and dirt using an oil cleanser followed by a foam cleanser to clean the remaining remnants of dirt off your face.

How do I Double Cleanse?

Double cleansing is as easy as 1+1! Quite literally, in fact. Below is the famous one-two punch to knock out (no pun intended) the unwanted debris from your face:

Step 1: 

Clean It Zero

Apply the oil cleanser or cleansing balm onto your face and gently massage your skin till you feel that all your makeup is off. We highly recommend using the multi-awarded Clean It Zero cleansing balm to ensure the best results. Wash the oil cleanser off with water or you can gently wipe it off your face using a facial tissue. We tried this product ourselves, and literally every kind of makeup (gel liners, waterproof mascara, foundation, etc.), skincare product and sunscreen was removed from our faces! It’s undoubtedly a staple in our makeup counters at home right now.


Step 2: 

Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser


Wash your face using a foam cleanser to clean your skin from dirt and impurities accumulated from the day. Again, gently massage your face, then wash the cleanser off with water. The foam cleansers you use may depend on your skin type. We recommend the Clean it Zero Foam Cleanser for this step.



Why do we need to Double Cleanse?

Since oil and water don’t mix, water-based cleansers are not capable of removing oil-based impurities and vice versa. In general, oil-based debris like makeup and sebum (which is the oil secreted by your face) are best dealt with oil cleansers. On the other hand, water-based debris like sweat and dirt can be removed using foam cleansers.

Now, we know what you’re thinking:

Wait, if I have oily skin, won’t oil cleansers make the situation worse?

Contrary to popular belief, oil cleansers can actually help prevent, control, and lessen acne. Harsh cleansers (most of which can be found off the shelves of supermarkets) have a tendency to dry the skin up or remove natural oils prompting your oil glands to produce even more oil in order to replenish the ones that was removed. In the long run, your oil glands will increase oil production even more than before thinking that it’s merely trying to meet its regular quota. When this happens, pimple breakouts, clogged pores, and acne can be even more prevalent than before.

In comparison, oil cleansers are pretty gentle. They are very effective in taking off makeup, excess sebum, and other oil-based impurities, and in turn, help prevent bacterial infections and congested pores.

Won’t oil cleansers clog my pores though?

This is actually a common misconception that we used to believed in as well! The truth is, your skin, no matter what condition or type it is, will always be secreting oil. It just varies how much oil it’s actually producing. Naturally, Dry skin types have lesser oil than Oily skin types, but both still produce oil regardless if it looks and feels dry or not.

We’re throwing in a little chemistry in here, but according to Science, same elements dissolve same elements. So technically oil washes off oil. With the swift and easy way oil cleansers remove oil-based debris, you’ll have no worries about it clogging your pores. It is simply getting rid of the bad, dirt-infested oil your face has collected from the day and is washing it off together with the help of your foam cleanser. This way, your face can produce a fresh batch of clean nourishing oil.

See? Don't you just wanna breathe a sigh of relief? There's hope after all!


Lastly, 3 more things you can do to keep your skin in good condition:

  1. Set aside a towel exclusively for your face.

Using your bath towel for your body is all well and good. But it may be harbouring dirt or bacteria that can be detrimental to your skin. Having a separate towel for your face and another one exclusively for your body can help prevent avoidable skin problems in the future.

  1. Handle your skin with utmost care.

When applying your cleansers, remember only to gently massage using your middle and ring fingers in upward circular motions. Wash your face with lukewarm water to remove the cleansers faster and easier. Never wipe your face dry with a towel! Patting your face dry is enough. The right amount of pressure produced can help so as not to cause any unnecessary rubbing of your skin that can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin.

  1. Keep your linens in rotation.

Dirt can accumulate in your pillow cases, bed sheets, and blankets as well. Just like your bath and face towels, it’s best to change them regularly to prevent impurities transferring to your face.


That’s about it! We hoped this helped in any way. Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts as well! Tell us about your double cleansing experience or how you feel about adding it to your skin care routine. If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts and suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or send us some love over at any time!


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