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Anna Cay recreates Banila Co's Signature Contouring Technique

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Banila Co's chief make-up artist Mr. Philip Kim came up with a signature contouring technique that will surely help you achieve fresh-looking, radiant skin!


We asked beauty blogger Anna Cay to follow this technique and show everyone how it's done.


What You'll Need:

1. It Radiant CC Cream
2. It Radiant CC Cushion
3. It Shiny Shimmer Base


Starting off with a good canvas is always the best way to achieve a flawless finish.


Say no to drying skin by applying a moisturizer before proceeding to make-up application.


Get an extra highlighted effect by using the It Shiny Shimmer Base on the inner heart zone of the face.


Use the It Radiant CC Cushion to get flawless skin like that of your favorite Korean idols and actresses!

Tip: CC Cushion too light for your skin tone? Using it as a highlighter is one way to make it work! Dab it on the high points of your face for an insant highlighted effect.


To even out the face while keeping the high points of the face highlighted, use the It Radiant CC Cream on the outer heart area of the face.


If you're not a fan of dewy or luminous skin, you may use the Prime Primer Finish Powder to tone down the glow. Highly recommended for those struggling with oily skin.


And you're done!


Watch the full video here:



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