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  • Facial Toners Explained! Here's Why You Should Start Using Them ASAP!
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Facial Toners Explained! Here's Why You Should Start Using Them ASAP!

If you’ve read or seen a skin care regimen list, you’ve probably heard of the term “skin toner” already. But what exactly is a toner in the first place and why should it be incorporated into one’s skin care routine? To start off, toners are meant to be used after cleansing. They’re made to balance the pH of your skin, soothe irritation and remove make-up and dirt residue. Along with those functions, toners can also exfoliate, brighten, and even hydrate the skin. Did you know that toning even before make-up application is important as well? By doing this, excess dirt (yes, there’s still dirt left behind even after cleansing!) is wiped off, allowing your make-up to adhere onto your skin better. This enhances your skin and turns it into a smooth canvas to help you achieve the best and perfect result!

Finding the perfect toner for your skin can be quite tricky, especially because different formulations are being produced and are actually geared to serving certain skin types. Banila Co. has three toners to offer and as always, we’re here to help you out choose the best one to suit your taste!

To fend off dull, lackluster skin, you might want to try the It Radiant Brightening Toner. This toner contains the 10 White Flower Complex Water and Carob Seed Extract to moisturize and brighten your skin from deep within. Its gel formula also allows easy absorption and is very soothing to the skin when applied. With those, the result that you will get will be evident both in and out!

Banila Co. also has the Miss Water & Mister Oil SLM Skin Toner that’s recommended for all skin types. Miss Water & Mister Oil SLM Skin Toner works with a 3-in-1 moisture balancing essence to ensure you a supple and well-hydrated finish. Its lightweight, gel-to-fluid formula is sure to replenish your skin with a cooling sensation. Also, this toner’s components create a protective layer over your skin with every use to ensure that all the goodness gets locked in! Not only do you get a refreshing sensation, but you also get long lasting hydration!

Finally, for those who want a firmer skin texture, the Miss Flower & Mister Honey Toner is the one for you! This honey and collagen loaded toner gives you both firming and brightening benefits. It may be formulated with honey, but it leaves zero stickiness! With Royal Jelly and Propolis infused in this toner, other than a nourished lit-from-within look, you can also get honey’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial powers, making this great for repairing your skin’s surface! This toner is highly suitable for those with extremely dry skin as its rich texture gives a very moisturizing effect. Careful though, some people have allergic reactions to honey and beeswax so before trying this toner out, you might want to do a patch test to avoid breakouts and other side effects. Other than that, the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Toner is a must-try!

Found your next purchase yet? Head over to our online or physical shops to grab a bottle or two for yourself and remember to use constantly for a quicker, more evident lit-from-within look!

All toners are available in our branches in Glorietta 4, Landmark Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila and SM North Edsa.

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