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Here's What to Do if You Can't Figure Out What Make-Up to Go For!

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Most of the time, when you're invited to a certain event, you can't help but panic about what to wear or what kind of make-up to go for. Going something out of the ordinary can be really fun and it allows you to stand out from the crowd. However, it's also important to keep in mind the kind of event you are to attend to ensure that your outfit and make-up would be suitable for the occasion. To make things easier for you, use the T.P.O. Technique!

T.P.O is an acronym that stands for Time, Place and Occasion. This acronym originated in Japan and is used so that people may be mindful of their dress code when going to certain places or events. Now, it has made its way to Korea and is being used to determine not only the appropriateness of one's attire but of one's make-up look as well.

To come up with a suitable make-up look, analyze the T.P.O. first!

TIME - Check the time of the event; is it lunch time or dinner time? If it's a day meeting with a client or someone important, it's best to stick with neutral colors and lipstick shades that aren't too dark or loud.

PLACE - Take note of the location of the event you're attending. Is it a fancy restaurant? Is it outdoors? In this way, you'll know whether it's a formal event or not. If you're attending an outdoor festival, make sure to sweat-proof your make-up!

OCCASION - Lastly, know the exact occasion. It's important to know what kind of event you've been invited too. You wouldn't want to show up in a daytime wedding sporting dark and vampy make-up would you?

Here are some make-up looks based on certain T.P.O's that you might find helpful!

T.P.O. Look 1

For when you're headed out in the morning for a simple errand.

T.P.O. Look 2

For when you're off to school or work. If you'd like to upgrade this look to have a night time appeal, load up on your highlight to keep your skin glowing even when the sun is down!

T.P.O. Look 3

For when you're going to an afternoon outdoor event such as a music festival.

T.P.O. Look 4

For when you're down for some Friday night fun with your girl friends!

Don't limit yourselves with these 4 looks only, there are tons of ways to come up with the appropriate make-up for a certain T.P.O. Try to mix and match, experiment and deviate from the ordinary! Just ensure that it's still suitable for the occasion.

Next time you're stuck in a dilemma of what make-up look to go for, simply think of the T.P.O. We guarantee you, it'll make things easier.

So ladies, before anything else...know your T.P.O!


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