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  • Find Out Your Lip Personality!

Find Out Your Lip Personality!

Who doesn’t love lipsticks? Not only does it completely change one’s look, but it’s also a way for us to express our mood and personalities. Some might prefer going for their signature lip color while others are fond of playing around with various shades— both natural and bold. We at Banila Co., believe that everyone can rock any shade. All you need is the perfect shade, the perfect finish and a whole lot of confidence!

Koreans might be into gradient or ombre lips, but this doesn’t mean that lip tints are the only lip products they’re crazy about. In fact, Banila Co. has three different types of lipsticks— Kiss Collector Moisture, Kiss Collector Luster and The Kissest Satin. Refer to the chart below to help you choose which finish is perfect for your lips:

 Let’s move on to a more interesting topic about lipsticks— the shades! Which shade do you often go for? Going for your favourite or signature lip color is probably the safest way to wear lipstick, but hey, what’s so bad about trying out a different shade? We say, go for it! Step out of your comfort zone and exude a different lip personality every once in a while.

Which among these lip personalities would you like to exude?

Subtle yet Sleek (nudes/corals)

Nude, peachy lips may seem plain but it can go well with any kind of look-- be it a barely there or a full on glam make-up. Wearing nude lipstick only shows how versatile you can be.

Fun, Flirty and Free (pinks)

Pink lips aren't that hard to pull off, not when you found the right shade for your skin tone. Show your laidback and bubbly side by swiping on a pink lipstick! 

Confidently Classy (reds)

Poised yet elegant. Having red lips gives just the right combination of confidence and class. Don't be afraid to rock the red, girl! You can never go wrong with a red lip after all.

Bold but Beautiful (dark reds/burgundies/plums)

Show 'em who's the boss and exude fearlessness with dark, burgundy lips. Live a little! Step out of the box, stand out from the crowd and be the beauty in command.

Here are the swatches of some of our favorite shades!

Kiss Collector Moisture Lipsticks

Kiss Collector Luster Lipsticks

Kissest Satin Lipsticks

It might take a while for you to feel comfortable wearing a shade that’s different from your usual, but once you’ve actually tried one, you might just get addicted! Choose from our wide array of lip candies and have fun playing around with the different finishes and shades. Let your lips spread the love!

Get the Kiss Collector Moisture Lipsticks, Kiss Collector Luster Lipsticks and The Kissest Satin Lipsticks for only P675 each. Available online and in all our branches.

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