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Strobing is back on track from the 90’s and is one of today’s hottest make-up trends. This make-up technique may save you from complex and time-consuming contouring since sculpting your face is now possible with just a highlighter! Unlike the contouring process that uses both dark and light shades to give definition, strobing only makes use of bright highlight colors to add dimension to your face. With items from Banila Co’s latest So Strobing line, you can define and enhance your features without the need of a bronzer!

At this point, you’re probably overwhelmed by the terms you just encountered. So before we move on to Banila Co’s latest product release, let us help you understand the concept of strobing better and how it’s different from other techniques such as contouring and highlighting.

 Contouring vs. Highlighting vs. Strobing

Contouring and highlighting have already been a huge statement in the beauty industry ever since. Usually, when you contour you might as well highlight too.

Contouring is a technique which uses dark shades to give your face some depth and definition. By using shades darker than your skin tone, you tend to bring back that certain area of your face. This is why contouring is often used on the hollows of the cheeks in order to give the illusion of a slimmer face.

On the other hand, highlighting is done to bring out your best features. The areas of the face that are often highlighted are the high points such as the center of the forehead, nose bridge and cheek bones. When you contour the hollow of your cheeks, you need to highlight your cheek bones for it to appear more prominent.

Technically, contouring and highlighting goes hand in hand. Think of them as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich— they work well individually but BEST when mixed together. This is where you can draw a fine line between highlighting and strobing because the latter process is about flying solo.

Strobing can be done on its own, possibly using only a single product.

Everybody’s been crazy about contouring and highlighting just to achieve a well-defined face, what they don’t know is that they can also get the same results by using the strobing technique which requires less effort. Even though strobing doesn’t sculpt your face that much as compared to when you contour, it gives you a softer look— ideal for everyday!— which still enhances your features. The touch of glow and radiance it imparts also tend to make you appear more youthful, unlike with contouring in which the dark shades used for sculpting gives you a more matured look. Contouring, when done wrong, can be really unflattering and can be quite a hassle to remove. With strobing, you’ll never have to worry about harsh nose lines. And with Banila Co’s So Strobing line, you’ll achieve a defined face and radiant skin with just a swipe!

So Strobing Line

Banila Co’s So Strobing line consists of two different highlighting products, a stick-type and a liquid-type. Both kinds are designed to suit all skin-types, from dry to combination to oily. The strobing stick and pen are similar in function, both of which contain Lavender Oil and Flower extracts which deliver added glow and radiance to the skin. Although both serve the same purpose, these highlighters come in two different textures and formula to provide easier application on various facial areas. The liquid, pen-type highlighter is for a more precise application on the under-eye and nose bridge area, while the stick-type is for wider areas such as the cheeks, forehead and chin.

If you want to amp up your features, read on and follow the three basic steps to perfectly radiant, glowing make-up!

Banila Co’s 3-Step Strobing Process

 Step 1: Prep and Prime

  • Start off with the Prime Primer Classic (or any primer variant of your choice!) to ensure longevity of make-up. This will keep your make-up in place and will give you the best results. Remember, always prime before everything else for a seamless finish.

Step 2: Perfect Cover

  • Use the Cover 10 Perfect Cushion as your base to create a flawless canvas. Conceal blemishes and other skin imperfections with the Cover 10 Perfect Concealer. You can also opt to use the So Strobing Stick as a foundation base on the high points of your face. With the So Strobing Stick as a base, the glow that you will achieve will look softer and more natural. Don’t worry about caking too since both the So Strobing and Cover 10 products are made to be smooth and lightweight in texture.

Step 3: Glow Up!

  • For a more dramatic strobing effect, use the So Strobing Stick and So Strobing Pen over your foundation to further enhance your features. Use the So Strobing Pen down your nose to define your nose bridge and also under your eyes to brighten up your dark circles. Then, finish up your dewy look by swiping the So Strobing Stick along on your forehead, brow bone, cheeks and chin. Blend out with a sponge and you're good to glow!

With just 4 products and 3 easy steps, your make-up is all done! Say hello to a more youthful look!

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The So Strobing line goes beyond its function as a base and a mere highlighter though! Mix it up with various make-up items to quickly and effortlessly achieve healthy-looking skin.

So Strobing Quick Tips:

  1. Radiant Base Make-Up
  • Boost your skin’s luminosity and radiance by mixing the So Strobing Pen with a pump of the It Radiant CC Cream. Apply onto the inner heart area of the face with a foundation brush and top off with the It Radiant CC Cushion while blending outwards. If you want to go all out with strobing, add more highlight to your forehead, nose bridge, under eye area, on top of your cupid's bow and mouth area to brighten up these areas.
  •  Apply the So Strobing stick on the inner heart area of the face, make sure that you blend it in an outwards direction. Apply some on the bridge of the nose too and blend everything out using a foundation brush. Enhance your highlight by taking a cushion puff, gently pat on the strobing stick and dab on the high points of your face such as the middle of the forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and chin.
    1. Brightener
    • Conceal and brighten you under eye area instantly by mixing your concealer with the So Strobing Pen! Place some concealer at the back of your hand then add in some of the So Strobing Pen, mix it with the pen’s brush and then apply.  Not only does this give you coverage, you get a healthy-looking glow as well!
    1. Liquid Blusher
    • Liven up your skin with a radiant flush of color by combining a cream blusher with the So Strobing Pen! Like the first tip, start by placing a 1:1 ratio of the blusher and So Strobing Pen at the back of your hand, mix together then use the So Strobing Pen’s  brush to apply your new pearly blush onto your cheeks for a sweet, flushed look.

        Now, if you want to retouch your glow in the middle of the day, just dab a small amount of the So Strobing Pen onto your T and C-zone then at pat away with a cushion puff. Your skin will look refreshed and new in no time!

        Sculpting your face in speed has never been easier.  Just pull out your highlighter and strobe away! Ditch the contour; you can now achieve a polished look with lesser effort and minimal layers of make-up with the help of Banila Co’s So Strobing line!


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