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Our Secret Products You Need to Know About!

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With the wide range of products that Banila Co. offers, it can be quite overwhelming to scroll through each of them that you tend to miss out on other awesome items available. Now, you might already be having the feeling of wanting to explore around our catalog to find something to add into your collection, but wait! Allow us to guide you through some of our products that aren’t under the main spotlight as much, but are still loved by many! They may not be our main superstars, but they receive just as much love as our best-sellers.

 To help you, we came up with a list that shows and introduces Banila Co’s products that are under the radar. You probably didn't know these existed, but now that you do, you might just turn into one of the beauty junkies who wish they knew about these items a lot sooner.

  1. Kiss Therapy Lip Scrub

Lip care is important and that is something we all should know and pay attention to. Dry, chapped lips are a big no-no, whether or not you wear lip products. If you’re a lippie junkie, then your lips should receive extra care for them to stay smooth and moisturized despite being layered over with lip products. Not only does your lips’ condition say something about your health but an uneven canvas can also cause your lip make-up to look cakey. To make sure your lips look healthy and crack-free, gently exfoliate your lips with our Kiss Therapy Lip Scrub!

If your lips are left uncared for, they are more prone to early discoloration and aging. As the Kiss Therapy Lip Scrub softly exfoliates your lips, it gives thermal comfort to aid an uneven lip surface. This cleanses the lips from any impurities for a much smoother finish that looks naturally healthy and perfect for a sleek makeup look.

  1. Kiss Collector Lip Crayon in ND05 Sheer Kiss & ND03 Deep Kiss

Our two lip products for today cater both those who are into glossy and matte lipsticks.

Kiss Collector Lip Crayon SHINE in ND05 Sheer Kiss is a peachy pink lip color that provides a long-lasting sheen and moisture. It has a natural-looking color that’s a perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) product!

While ND05 provides a sheen finish, Kiss Collector Lip Crayon SATIN in ND03 Deep Kiss on the other hand, is a matte, rosy lip color. This is infused with Rolling Powder to ensure a smooth-looking make-up look that lasts for hours.

Despite having different finishes, both of these lip crayons contain Jojoba Oil to simultaneously provide care and to make the product settle on the lips better. Don't fear the oil, though, as this leaves no oily feeling when applied!

  1. Cover 10 Concealer in BE10

Concealing or highlighting, this product can do the job for you! If your skin shade is the same as BE10, this can seamlessly conceal blemishes for you. If your skin shade is deeper, this can be applied onto the higher areas of the face to highlight and enhance them.

Other than providing maximum coverage, this also boasts a creamy, well-gliding texture so your make-up will look clean and smooth even after layering. The optimized brush tip of this is also perfect for doing spot correction. Maximum coverage alongside a longwearing and oil-controlling formula, what more can one ask for, right?

  1. Body Specialist Corset Patch

Firm and smoothen up your abdomen area with the help of our corset patch! This features a wide belly patch that’s thin and adhesive like a band-aid while still being gentle enough so it won’t hurt as you take the patch off. This also brings two sensations upon wearing it. You get a cooling sensation when first applied, then it gradually turns a bit warmer to feel relaxing on the stomach. These sensations and the plant components contained in this will help firm body up as you sleep.

  1. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil

Achieve the lit from within look with the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Essence Oil! This is saturated with honey water that smoothly and instantly seeps into the skin to smoothen, nourish and moisturize it. This also contains 55% pure honey and collagen extracts to help you attain naturally radiant skin. The blend of the honey extracts keeps the skin firm, supple and hydrated for long hours. The term “honey” and “oil” might be scaring you off, but don’t worry as this leaves no greasy finish and is actually lightweight. If you want to make the best use out of the benefits, you can also add a drop of this in your make-up base for some extra glow and care!

  1. The Black 17 Sleeping Pack

This stress-relieving overnight treatment gel-cream works in sync with the skin’s natural night time recovery process, all thanks to the help of the mineral-rich Black Food Complex that this is formulated with. The 17 types of black food that this is formulated with help the skin achieve a lifted and nourished look. This gel-type sleeping pack melts into the skin and leaves skin soft as the moisturizing capsules increase the retention of moisture. The sleeping pack also improves the skin’s elasticity by providing intense hydration and anti-aging benefits.

  1. Two Eyes Eyeshadow Duos in shades Prague with Love, Roman Holiday, and Drench In Paris

These two-toned baked eyeshadows feature vivid color pay-offs and lightweight wear. The colors are perfect for both full and gradient looks, and are even fit for both daily and party make-up styles! Since these come with two shades, one can function as a base while the other will be the point color! Drench in Paris and Roman Holiday are both on the brown sides of the color wheel, with Roman Holiday being the deeper and more shimmery one between the two. Drench in Paris features a matte finish and may even be used to contour the nose! Multifunctional products are always the best! Prague with Love on the other hand, is for those who are into soft pinks and corals with a slight sheen. Its warm, reddish tones may seem a bit too much but rest assured, they are gorgeous when applied!

  1. V-V Ellastic Bio Cellulose Mask and The Blacks Black Cacao Mask

We also have a bunch of awesome sheet masks for you to check out! We have our V-V Ellastic Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet and the The Blacks Black Mask which both offer moisture and nourishment.

The Blacks is a line of masks with various main points and ingredients to target each skin concern; what we have under the radar is the Cacao variant. This sheet mask is known for detoxifying the skin. It also delivers active ingredients of the black food in its purest form. The cacao mask specifically targets excess sebum. While controlling sebum, this also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and illuminated!

The V-V Mask, on the other hand, focuses on improving the skin’s elasticity. It contains collagen to firm up the skin and to help you achieve the infamous “V-line”. This contains fermented coconut gel that penetrates into the skin fast, making the nourishment and lifting properties work instantly as the sheet mask is applied onto the face.

  1. Secret Face Multi Shading Contour Palette

    Achieve natural looking contour with just one palette! The Secret Face Multi Contour Palette carries various tones of shading colors to help anyone easily and successfully achieve a 3-Dimensional face design. This also contains light mineral powder that doesn't clog the pores, which in turn leaves you with comfortable wear and a smooth finish. Apart from contouring your nose and cheeks, you can also use this to shade over your hairline for the illusion of a more defined face!

    Found something you want to try yet? Head over to our stores, be it offline or online, and give these items a shot! We gave you items from both our skincare and make-up lines, so take your pick and go treat yourself for a lit from within look!


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