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Perfect V: The Korean Method to Getting a Smaller, Slimmer Face

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If ever someone compliments you for having a small face, take it to heart! In South Korea, the smaller your face is, the more attractive you are. In fact, it’s become such a huge beauty standard for them that various beauty industries have been coming up with innovations to get that Perfect “V” line face shape.

V-line face shape refers to a slim, slightly oval face which narrows down at the chin, thus creating a “V” outline. Those with such face shape often have a lifted, firmer skin which in turn, gives the illusion of a smaller, slimmer face.

All thanks to the different methods developed by various skincare and cosmetics company, achieving the Perfect “V” can now be done without undergoing surgery! In fact, in Banila Co., we have two ways on how you can effortlessly get a V-line face shape!

Perfect V Skincare Routine

If you have some time to spare at night before going to bed, adding this extra step at the end of your skincare routine will definitely be worth your while. In fact, this step only requires two key products: an essence, serum or a moisturizer, and a face roller.

Face rollers are a huge trend not only in South Korea, but in other Asian countries as well. This tool doesn’t only help your skin absorb nutrients better, but it does a great job in contouring the face to help you lift your skin for a slimmer appearance. By using it to massage the face, you are draining fluids— which causes bloating— in the lymphatic system of the face. It also improves the blood circulation on your face and neck as well.

Important Points:

  • Make sure to use a “pulling back” motion when using the face roller. This will firm the skin and lift it up better.
  • Face roller can also be used on the neck to relieve tensed muscles.

Key Products:

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    Perfect V Make-Up Routine

    To get that instant “V” face shape, this technique in applying your base make-up might just be effective. Doing this doesn’t make your face slim but instead, gives the illusion of a smaller face by applying foundation on certain areas on the face first. This will also ensure the even application of foundation, making it easier to blend with your natural skin for a more youthful, natural-looking finish.

    Important Points:

    • It’s better to apply your base make-up in layers instead of applying too much.
    • Don’t be afraid to use a small amount of foundation, sometimes less is more.

    Key Products:

      All thanks to these methods, having that Perfect “V” is now as easy as ABC!


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