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#Play Hard: Stay Strong and Pretty!

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They say that strong is the new pretty, but why not be both? Sure, working out may cause you to look extremely wasted and haggard and may even cause some damage to your skin. But did you know that there are ways to look blooming even while you’re running on the treadmill or when lifting weights? All you need are the right products and the right knowledge to play hard without compromising your beauty! Lucky for you, Banila Co. is here to help you out!


Some may not be comfortable wearing make-up when going to the gym, while others prefer to look a little more put-together by wearing a lightweight foundation. Whether you’re confident going au naturel or with make-up, you do you and we won’t judge. In fact, to those who’d like to keep their eyebrow game strong while working out, we suggest going for a brow tattoo such as the Seoul Fox Tail Dual Brow Tattoo Pen!

This brow pen isn’t just your ordinary kind; it has a brush pen tip which is suitable for filling in the sparse areas of your brows, and an angled marker tip which gives you that perfectly defined arch. But the dual tip isn’t the major catch, the Seoul Fox Tail Dual Brow Tattoo Pen will give you eyebrows for days, literally! Once it sets, it stays there for up to 7 days. Perfect for working out!


Since you’ll be sweating bullets during your workout, it’s super important to keep your body rehydrated at all times. Skipping out on water will not just affect your body, but your skin as well. Moisture loss isn’t caused by sweating alone, the hot environment also contributes to that as well so make sure to drink up before, during and after your gym session.


It’s only proper NOT to touch your face while working out. Remember, you’ve been touching equipments and weights that have been used by others. A simple touch may cause your skin to breakout due to the bacteria transferred. Keep in mind that touching your face is a grave no-no!


This is a vital post-workout tip to those who prefer wearing light make-up to the gym. Right after your workout, ALWAYS cleanse your face to remove make-up residue, sweat and dirt that when combined, might cause breakouts. Prevent this from happening by removing your make-up with Clean It Zero Purity. Although it melts into oil upon contact with the skin, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling shiny and greasy. Once it dissolves make-up and dirt away, it leaves zero trace of residue and requires zero effort! 


Toning isn’t just for your body, but is also applicable to the skin as well. After hitting the gym, make sure to cleanse and then tone with a hydrating toner afterwards. Best to use a toner which can provide your skin the ample amount of hydration it needs, such as the Miss Water & Mr. Oil SLM Skin Toner! It instantly brings back moisture to your skin while also giving it a cooling, refreshing sensation.

Now that we’ve given tips and product recommendations, we think you’re ready to #Play! Stay strong AND pretty!


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