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Sculpt Right with the So Contouring Trio!

Last week’s blog post was a guide on what to contour and highlight depending on the shape of your face. Now that you’ve probably figured it out, it’s time that we teach you how to use our latest So Contouring collection! (If you haven’t seen the previous blog post, you can read it here) Keep in mind that Koreans are very innovative so their techniques (and contouring products too) might be a bit different from the usual Western way you often see.

So Contouring Twin Stick

Quick, easy and highly pigmented!

Let’s start off with the basic So Contouring Twin Stick. Just like any other contouring stick, it has a darker shade on one tip and a lighter on the other. The So Contouring Twin Stick comes in two different shades: Light Brown and Tan Brown. Although both are contouring products, each has its own special function.

Light Brown

  • Both shades have matte finishes
  • Controls redness of the face
  • Recommended for those with fair, yellow-toned skin

Tan Brown

  • The lighter shade has a shimmery finish, ideal for highlighting or as an eyeshadow
  • Recommended for those with medium, tanned skin

Given that the So Contouring Twin Stick is very creamy in texture, it gives the most pigment and vivid color payoff among the other contouring products.

This may be used to contour the usual areas of the face (sides of the face, nose, etc.) but did you know that it can also be used to contour the chest and under the arm? So next time you feel like wearing a low-cut sleeveless top, whip out the So Contouring Twin stick and contour away to create the illusion of a fuller chest and slimmer arms.

So Contouring Cake

All-in-one make-up must have!

Next product would be the So Contouring Cake, a multi-functional contouring cake with three different shades— a shimmery peachy shade, a neutral beige shade and a darker brown shade. Since this is powder product, it’s not as pigmented and long-lasting as the So Contouring Twin Stick. However, it may be used to set your cream contour to help it last throughout the day.

To use as a contouring palette:

  1. Set your under eyes with the neutral beige shade to keep your concealer from caking. Also apply on areas where you usually highlight: center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and the chin.
  2. Apply the dark brown powder on the areas where you used a cream contour. This will prevent your contour from smudging.
  3. Use the shimmery peachy shade to highlight your face. This may also be used to set a cream highlight.

To use as a brow powder:

  1. Fill in the sparse areas of your brows with the darkest shade.
  2. Blend well with a spoolie and apply more if needed.

To use as an eyeshadow:

  1. Use the neutral beige as a base color and apply all over your eyelids, until the brow bone.
  2. Add depth to your eyes by applying the dark brown shade on the outer corners of the eyelid. Blend well.
  3. Use a flat brush or the pad of your finger to apply the shimmery shade on the center of your eyelids.

Don’t you think that the So Contouring Cake is such a good investment? It’s like getting three different products for the price of one!

So Contouring Jelly

Compact and your on-the-go contour buddy!

Moving on to the next product, the So Contouring Jelly! Remember when we mentioned about Korea being a catalyst for innovation? Well, the So Contouring Jelly is one proof of their originality when it comes to inventing beauty products. The So Contouring Jelly is a gel-type contour product with the longevity of a cream contour and the silky-smooth finish of a powder contour. It comes in two different shades as well: Soft Brown and Deep Brown.

This product is especially for those who are always on-the-go and doesn’t have the time to actually contour. It comes with a sponge puff which makes it easier to contour wherever, whenever.

Although it’s very creamy in texture, it’s still not as pigmented as the So Contouring Twin Stick, which makes it an ideal product to use for an everyday look. Contouring beginners out there shouldn’t worry too, as this is very easy to use. Simply dab it on areas you’d like to contour and that’s about it! If you're not satisfied with your contour yet, layering the product is possible with the So Contouring Jelly.

No need to be concerned about those harsh edges and unblended contour. This may also be used as an eyeshadow too, pretty awesome, right?

The So Contouring Jelly is best paired with a cushion too. After dabbing your contour, simply blend it out with your cushion to achieve a natural-looking contour. Should the contour fade in the middle of the day, it won’t be hard to touch-up since the product is so convenient to use! Even if you re-apply it on your skin even after setting it with powder, it wouldn’t cake because of its gel-type formula.

No matter how subtle the effect may be, a little contour goes a long way.

So, which among these contouring products would you like to try?

Watch the following tutorials below to see the So Contouring Collection in action!


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  • ContourGuideHighlightingHow ToKorean ContouringSo ContouringTutorialVideo

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