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Sheet Masks: Everybody's Doing it and so Should You!

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It’s safe to say that sheet masks have become a worldwide trend judging from the articles and reviews that have been showing up online. Everybody seems to be joining the bandwagon which was popularized by none other than the Koreans. South Korea has been coming up with fresh and unique innovations when it comes to beauty and skin care. From BB Creams to CC Cushions, it has managed to compete with Western countries in the beauty industry. If there’s one more thing aside from beauty that makes South Korea stand out from the rest, that would be their commitment and devotion to skin care.

For the past five or six years, sheet masks have been a huge trend in Korea and it’s only recently that this trend began to gain popularity in other countries as well.

We’re pretty sure that you’re curious about sheet masks so read on to more about them!


Sheet masks are face-shaped fabrics that have been immersed in nutrient-filled serums or essences. These often come in individual packs and are good for one-time use only. Unlike sleeping packs which you apply and leave on overnight, sheet masks should only be left for 20 to 40 minutes. Don’t worry about leaving it on for only 40 minutes, the reason why sheet masks are just as effective as most skin care products is that the fabric locks in all the nutrients for maximum absorption. By the time you remove the sheet mask, your skin has already absorbed the ingredients.

Back then, sheet masks were usually made with cotton but now they come in different kinds to better suit every skin type.

One thing about sheet masks that made it such a huge thing in the skin care industry is that it gives you immediate results. This is probably the reason why sheet masks are also being used on runway models before their make-up application. In the past, people often used sheet masks after at night, before they go to bed. Now, people also use it before proceeding with their beauty routine. Even Western make-up artists use sheet masks to prepare their models’ face for better make-up application. Like what we always say, skin care and make-up goes hand in hand. If you start off with good and well-prepared skin, expect to get the best results after you apply your make-up.

Now that you know the basics of sheet masks, it’s time to move on to the kinds of masks that we offer!



The Tea Party Sheet Masks are formulated with Natural Aromatic Tea Extracts that improve the skin tone and help nourish highly distressed and fatigued skin.  It is made out of Cupra Rayon, a cellulose fiber made from refined cotton. As compared to other cotton sheet masks, the Tea Party Sheet Masks are much thinner and almost translucent which allows it to adhere onto the skin better and for longer periods of time. It is infused with essences that provide the skin with intense hydration and nourishment to keep it soft.

The Tea Party Sheet Masks come in six different variants:

  1. Oolong Tea (Brightening) – Contains 1,000ppm (parts per million) of Oolong Tea extract. This extract has polyphenol which helps prevent skin damage caused by free radicals. It also keeps the skin clear and radiant due to its brightening abilities.
  2. Black Tea (Smoothing) – Rich in vitamins and minerals that refines the complexion and leaves it with a luminous glow. This is also formulated with Catechin, an anti-aging ingredient to keep skin sleek and supple.
  3. English Breakfast Tea (Firming) – Contains the antioxidant Catechin that firms and lifts the skin. Its milk extract provides the skin with nourishment and lasting hydration.
  4. Ginseng Tea (Energizing) –Formulated with Saponin which hydrates the skin and promotes blood circulation in order to relax and add vitality to highly distressed skin.
  5. Rose Tea (Radiant) – Maintain a healthy skin-condition with this sheet mask that promotes blood circulation. This also helps detoxify skin and provides therapeutic body-calming effects.
  6. Jasmin Tea (Calming) – Replenish your skin’s moisture with the Jasmin Tea mask sheet. This is highly recommended for those with dehydrated and sensitive skin.



Finding out that these sheet masks contain charcoal may intimidate you from trying them out, but did you know that charcoal also works as a purifying ingredient for the skin? Aside from natural black food ingredients such as cacao and black beans, the Black Essential masks also contain a special kind of charcoal. Its fabric is made out of artificial rayon-made sheets with “Golden Charcoal” extract, a high-quality charcoal produced from the Beech tree. This penetrates the skin and locks in all active ingredients while filtering out skin impurities. Black Food Complex also helps distressed skin to recover by detoxifying and providing it with full nourishment.

  1. Black Bean (Rehydrating) – Rehydrates and softens dry, coarse skin by supplying it with lasting moisture.
  2. Black Cacao (Pore Care and Sebum Control) –Helps control excess sebum while providing skin with moisture. Ideal for those with large pores and oily skin.
  3. Black Rice (Firming and Nourishing) – Firms and nourishes skin without drying out the skin.
  4. Black Raspberry (Brightening) – Keeps the skin plump and instantly brightens the skin after usage.
  5. Black Acai Berry (Soothing and Calming) – Helps soothe and purify sensitive skin for a moist, velvety-smooth complexion.



The Mr. Skin Doctor Ampoule sheet masks come with a small sachet containing a special ampoule that you apply to your skin before using the mask. This gives your skin a double-action treatment which maximizes its moisturizing effect. These masks are infused with different water types such as glacier, deep sea or hot spring water which offers various skin benefits. The mask’s cotton sheet is made out of organic and delicate material that suits even the most sensitive skin.

  1. Soothing Care – Contains Glacier water and chamomile which soothes dry and sensitive skin.
  2. Firming Care –Deep Sea water and hydrolyzed collagen that keeps the skin hydrated, firm and elastic.
  3. Moisturizing Care –Ceramide keeps your skin moisturized; also has Hot Spring water which deeply hydrates dry skin.
  4. Pore Care –Sparkling water refreshes and revitalizes the skin while Green Tea extract works to deeply clean and smoothen out pores.
  5. Brightening Care –Vitamin C brightens up dull, lackluster skin tone. It also contains oxygen-infused water which helps revitalize the skin.



Hydrogel sheet masks are made out of a gel-like material and have a thicker texture than most sheet masks. It allows solutions or essences to be absorbed by the skin and locks in moisture and nutrients faster. The It Radiant Lace Hydrogel sheet masks contain White Flower Complex and other natural ingredients that help brighten up the skin while providing it with enough moisture to keep it hydrated. Each mask is designed with an intricate lace pattern that makes it look appealing!

  1. Illuminating – This variant Apricot flower and arbutin which helps brighten and whiten the skin.
  2. Lifting – Contains Lotus and collagen that firms the skin and improves its elasticity.
  3. Nourishing –Chrysanthemum and propolis supplies the skin with nourishing nutrients.
  4. Moisturizing – Formulated with Lily and hyaluronic acid that helps dehydrated skin regain its moisture.
  5. Calming –Its Edelweiss and Aloe Vera ingredients work together as a skin emollient and calms distressed and fatigued skin.



The White Wedding Lace Hydrogel Sheet Mask contains Bouquet Flower Complex which is a combination of Jasmine, Lavender and Rose Petal extract, all of which are soothing ingredients that help protect the skin. It is also formulated with Vitamins C, E and Niacinamideto brighten up your skin tone. It also provides the skin with lasting hydration because of its Hyaluronic Acid content. The White Wedding Lace Mask’s Hydrogel is heat sensitive, thus, it reacts and adapts to your face’s temperature.



The V-V Bio Cellulose Mask is made of coconut ferment gel which increases the ingredients’ skin-penetrating abilities, thus enabling the epidermis to absorb nutrients better for immediate and advanced results. The V-V sheet mask is equipped with the Mega Pump Up System and collagen that work to keep the skin firm and plump. This Mega Pump Up System also helps lift the face, helping you achieve a V-line face shape.



This variant is a high-performance, multi-benefit gel mask that is loaded with concentrated antioxidants to promote a firm, youthful skin.Each mask contains a blend of Swiftlet Nest Extract and Gold Pearl Complex that revitalizes fragile skin condition. Sialic Acid is one ingredient that enhances the skin’s firmness and enhances its natural, luminous glow. It’s also packed with a multi-action hyper-nourishing formula that prevents premature aging and improves sagging skin.



This mask is designed to maximize the absorption of the nourishing honey extracts packed in each gel mask. These nourishing extracts namely royal jelly, propolis and pure honey aid the skin by providing it with lasting hydration. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that firm the skin and protect it from factors that may bring about damage. The Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Hydrogel Mask sheets also contains collagen extract and Pullulans fermented honey water which keep the skin firm, sleek and radiant while imparting a honey-dewy glow.



Simply using a mask for a day won’t give you evident results. This is probably why Koreans are doing the seven day or one day one mask challenge wherein they use a sheet mask everyday for a week. Although sheet masks are very convenient and easy to use, it still takes a bit of commitment to do such challenge. However, doing so may help improve your skin so take the time to add sheet masks to your skin care regimen. Banila Co. is offering a wide array of masks to choose from anyway so whatever your goal is for each day, we’re pretty sure we got you covered! From moisturizing on a Monday to detoxifying on a Friday night, we have every sheet mask to cater to your skin’s needs!

Now that you’ve gained more knowledge about sheet masks and skin care in general, start planning out your sheet mask schedule and choose from the many kinds we offer. Enjoy!


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