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Strobing Now Possible Without Using Make-Up?

The trend of strobing and highlighting is EVERYWHERE nowadays. Although contouring and bronzing are here to stay, having dewy and glowing skin is dominating today’s beauty industry. Of course there are various ways to get skin that’s luminous and bedazzling, powder highlighters and strobing sticks are just a few examples. But did you know that you can get the same effect without even using any make-up? You can still achieve the same kind of glow, only more natural-looking by using skin care products instead of make-up! Yep, you read that right! Skin care strobing is actually a thing!

Strobing with skin care is actually very easy and in fact, ideal for ladies who aren’t huge fans of wearing tons of make-up on their faces. Sometimes, we prefer going out with less make-up especially if the weather’s hot and humid. However, even with less make-up, we still want to look vibrant and radiant. Here are some tips on how to strobe with your skin care products!

1. Hydration is a must!

Keep your skin moisturized at all times by layering lightweight skin care essentials such as toner, serums or moisturizers. Prepare your skin the night before by applying a night cream or a sleeping pack like our White Wedding Sleeping Essence. When you wake up the next day, cleanse your face and use a toner afterwards. For colder days, try the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Toner, it will surely replenish and keep your skin hydrated. Don’t put on make-up immediately and ensure to apply a lightweight moisturizer. Gel-cream types are the best since these are very thin and are easily absorbed by the skin. Try the It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack. Not only is this a sleeping pack but may also be used as a day moisturizer because of its water droplet formula that leaves the skin feeling highly refreshed. A well hydrated-skin is one way to get a healthy glow (for real) and not with the use of a highlighter. Of course the effects of this step aren’t immediate but when maintained, the results will surely surprise you.

2. Exchange your highlighters with a moisturizer that has strobing characteristics

      Using a skin care product as a highlighter will not just emulate the same highlighted look that a strobing product provides, but it will also take good care of your skin. The White Wedding Dream Cream is definitely worth a try because aside from being an awesome brightening day cream, it also works well as a highlighter and gives the skin a beautiful iridescent glow. Instead of buying a moisturizer and a highlighter separately, why not settle for just one product? Substitute your highlighters with the Dream Cream every once in a while and see how similar the finished look is!

      3. Mix oils with your foundation

        Going bare-faced isn’t everyone’s thing, so if you’d like to wear less make-up without actually giving up your foundation, try mixing in oils with it. By doing this, you’re not just giving your skin the nourishment it needs but it’ll also give you a dewy, radiant finish. Give our The Blacks Extra Black Sesame Oil or the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Oil a try. A drop or two of any of these would be more than enough to give your base make-up a boost of radiance!

        Sometimes, us ladies should lay off several make-up products and focus on taking care of our skin. So on days you don’t feel like wearing actual make-up products on your face but would like the same effect, try utilizing your skin care products. Mix both skin care and make-up! With really nice skin, you won’t need that much make-up anyway.

        Have beautifully highlighted skin by using skin care products instead! Stay lit from within, ladies!
        • Gabrielle Lim
        • GuidehighlightingHow ToMakeupSkinskin careSkin Care 101Skincarestrobing

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