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Seeing your favorite Korean celebrities on screen, you’ve probably wondered how they always seem to have the perfect skin. Although they are quite known to have naturally flawless complexion, little do we know that they too, rely on a whole lot of base products to get that kind of skin. In fact, it’s not only the Koreans who consider base make-up products a vital part of their beauty routines. Most beauty enthusiasts pay extra attention to their base make-up routine, and so should you too! So here’s a little something for those who simply couldn’t wait to get perfect, flawless skin!


A great base starts with cleansing your face. Sounds ironic, but it’s actually very important to start off with deeply cleansed face. By simply removing your make-up at night, you’re already prepping your skin for next day’s make-up application. Perfect skin will always be the best base make-up you can have so ensure to treat your face with some TLC the night before.

Use Clean It Zero to dissolve all your make-up, followed by Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser to ensure that all make-up residue and dirt is completely removed. Don’t worry, both products are extremely gentle to the skin and won’t strip you off of your natural moisture. In fact, they keep your skin soft and supple.


Aside from getting enough Z’s and drinking lots of water, maintaining your skin’s moisture is very important too. This prevents your skin from drying up beneath your make-up. Picture this: patchy foundation which tends to flake? Big nope! So, always moisturize before actually applying any sort of base make-up.

The White Wedding Dream Cream is something you might want to try. Aside from moisturizing your skin, it also has a brightening effect which enhances your make-up’s finish. It also has a permanent whitening effect (with continued use, of course) and gives you that boost of radiance that’ll keep you looking fresh all throughout the day. It’s not a customer favorite for nothing!


This will probably sound new to you, but very interesting! A make-up essence is different from the skincare essences that you use at night. Make-up essences tend to have different functions and uses; some are similar to primers, while some color corrects the skin.

Our Let Me Start Make-Up essences are used for color correcting and sun protection purposes (both are infused with SPF15!). They come in two variants: Muse and Mystic.

The Let Me Start Make-Up Essence Muse has a pink pigment, which is highly recommended for those with dull, sallow skin tones. It brightens up the skin so you might want to focus on your dark circles when applying this.

On the other hand, the Let Me Start Make-Up Essence Mystic is greenish in color. This works to cancel out the redness on some areas of your skin. If you’re acne-prone or tend to have blotching, this one would work best for you.


Here’s the step that most of you are probably familiar with. Priming your face before actually putting on foundation is such a vital part in any kind of beauty routine. Using a primer isn’t only meant to keep the oil at bay, which means that those with dry skin aren’t an exception to this certain step. Primers also increase your base make-up’s staying power and create a smooth canvas, which in turn, gives you the best finish!

Our Prime Primer line come in variants to suit every skin type that there is. Classic for the normal, Classic Matte for those with oily skin, Hydrating is meant for those with dry skin and Purity for the sensitive skinned. Aside from these, we also have the Prime Primer Blur which has a pearlescent finish to give you that “blur” effect from Photoshop. This minimizes the appearance of pores and may even serve as a highlighter!


Why cushion you ask? Well, we believe that cushion compacts are the next generation foundation! How different are these K-cushions from usual bottled foundations? First, they’re very compact and convenient to use. Given that they have a special puff included, they’re extremely easy to use wherever you are. No need to bring with you a large foundation brush! Second, Korean cushion compacts give you that second skin kind of finish. Because of its cushion technology, only an ample amount of product is dispensed so overdoing your foundation wouldn’t be a problem.

Although we offer a lot of different cushion compacts, the Cover 10 Perfect Cushion is one of our best. It provides maximum coverage without being too heavy on the skin. Plus, our cushions include a Ruby Cell Puff which was developed underwater. This allows the sponge to absorb the product properly, thus giving you a better finish when used to apply the foundation.


Never skip out on the translucent powder! Although primers work to keep your make-up in place, using a finish powder will seal everything and prevent it from “moving”. This also tones down any unwanted grease or shine, especially if having dewy skin isn’t your kind of thing.

The Prime Primer Finish Powder is so finely-milled that even after applying several layers of it, it doesn’t cake. Another great thing about this powder is that it doesn’t entirely mattify the face and leaves a slight hint of radiance to the skin. Imparting this kind of glow also helps keep your base make-up look natural and fresh.

This base make-up routine might seem too detailed but hey, you’ll get instant results from this. We still believe that beautiful skin is the best make-up, so don’t let the K-Base Formula stop you from doing your nightly skincare routine religiously.

Get your base make-up fix only from Korea’s number 1 base make-up brand, Banila Co!


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