There's a New Superhero Squad in Town and They are Extremely Cute!

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Putting on a mask pack is a fun and great way to deliver nourishment to your skin. Mask packs nowadays come in various styles, each kind guarantees to help aid your skin care concerns.  Generally, the right mask packs can help hydrate your skin, help control the secretion of excess oil, and even improve your skin’s texture.  Here at Banila Co., we have new mask packs that are sure to help your skin concerns while ensuring a pampering feeling, a perfect way to cap off the day. Allow us to introduce to you the newest superhero squad in town to help save your skin from stress and dehydration!

The Blacks Mask Packs

Volcano – The Blacks Heating Gel Mask

Coming all the way from the depths of the volcanoes, this guy is all about melting all your impurities away!

Our first star for today is The Blacks Heating Gel Mask, a wash off mask abundant with minerals that aim to remove skin impurities. The volcano ingredient helps develop a thermal sensation as you work this gel-type mask onto your skin. Don’t fear though! The warm feeling gently opens your pores to deeply cleanse away the dirt, and it also helps you attain skin vitality! With this guy giving you a hand in deep cleansing, you’ll be able to fight off evil black heads and impurities! This is especially recommended to those struggling with managing the excess sebum in their T-Zone area; use this to keep your troubled area clean and smooth!

Ice – The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask 

Beat not only the heat, but also excessive sebum with our coolest hero!

Another wash off, deep cleansing mask is on your way, but this time in clay and cooling form! While our volcanic mask melts away impurities, The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask is infused with Canadian colloidal clay that absorbs excessive sebum. Along with that, the glacial soil and peppermint content in this mask help in controlling sebum production and gives the skin a taut yet smooth and fresh finish. This cooling and tightening mask is best for those struggling with big pores and sebum control.  

Berry – The Blacks Mild Moisture Mask

Just take a look at this little hero’s face to see how he’d be berry happy to help our sensitive-skinned friends!

Next up is our mild, berry-based moisturizing mask that is built for those with sensitive skin. Now, while the two masks mentioned earlier were meant to be washed off after use, this creamy mask is to be used as a night time moisturizer. Apply it before bed and let this superhero do wonders to your skin while you catch them zzz’s! This sleeping mask is packed with Blackberry and Yogurt extracts to give your skin some moisture and nourishment, and a vibrantly clear texture too!  The blackberry works as an antioxidant, while the yogurt is the one that provides the moisture. Having a couple of super foods in one mask might be scaring off our sensitive-skinned friends, but no worries, this mask is still gentle enough to use on sensitive skin! This one is specially made for those who need the mild nourishment!

Bamboo – The Blacks Hydrating Gel Mask

Hydrate and calm your skin down with the help of our legendary Bamboo!

Last but definitely not the least, the bamboo-packed The Blacks Hydrating Gel Mask! The black bamboo in this sleeping pack caters to those who are in desperate need of hydration. Not only does it hydrate but it also soothes your skin as you sleep! If you are struggling with dry, flaking and/or reddening skin, this sleeping pack would be the best choice to target your skin concern! Oh and, add in the fact that this also protects your skin from harsh external environments that can stress it. This mask pack is definitely worthy of a shot.

Found your next night time skin care best friend yet? We hope you have and are close to bringing one (or more!) of these little heroes home! This adorable yet brave superhero squad is eager to help you achieve the skin you've always dreamed of! Be one step closer in achieving your #KoreanSkinGoals with this superhero squad!

Meet The Blacks Superhero Squad in any Banila Co. store this November 24!


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