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Banila Co Beauty Diary

  • Why You Absolutely Need These Products In Your Life!
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Why You Absolutely Need These Products In Your Life!

Looking for new items to add up to your beauty stash? Reading around and contemplating whether or not you want to spend another thick stack of cash for more cosmetic products? As the saying goes, there is no such thing as having too many beauty products. This August, we’re going to give both you and your bank account some kind loving. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy a couple of Banila Co’s best and discounted items, which we’re pretty sure will bring happiness to you, your extensive beauty collection and your skin. Listed below are Banila Co’s best-selling products, both in the make-up and skin care category. Read on and make sure to include some of these in your next beauty haul!


  1. It Radiant CC Cream and CC Sun Base

    Achieve a healthy glow with Banila Co’s 8-time winning CC Cream. The It Radiant CC Cream is the world’s first and only revolutionary soft-touch moisturizing and brightening multi-base. Normal base products use complementary colors to correct uneven skin tone, while this white-toned CC Cream works as a double-action base for both skin care and make-up application. Don’t get intimidated by its white shade because once applied, it immediately adjusts to your skin tone. This water-based CC Cream also smoothens, brightens, and preps the skin to create a youthful and radiant complexion.

    Other than its Niacinamide content and Brightening capsules for a vibrant effect, this also carries Micro Baby Pixel Powder, which will bring about a smoother and softer complexion. It is infused with Eco Herb Water Complex to keep dry skin rehydrated as well.

    While the classic It Radiant CC Cream comes with SPF30 PA ++, the It Radiant CC Sun Base steps up with a whopping SPF50 PA+++, perfect for those who are often outdoors! The CC Sun Base has 50% water content, so don’t worry about this ending up too sticky or heavy while you’re out in the sun. Like the classic one, the CC Sun Base can whiten, improve, and of course protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Although it has a similar function as the regular CC Cream, the CC Sun Base offers more coverage. This sun base can also substitute your daily sun cream and make-up base. You can use this as a daily sunscreen for leisure activities or you may also use it before applying make-up to correct your skin tone. This sun base is light-weight and easy to layer, so don’t worry about breaking out due to its thickness. This won’t clog your pores too, so don’t fret!

    Aside from the difference in the SPF content of both products, the amount of hydration they offer varies too. The It Radiant CC Cream’s moisture level is just a tad bit higher than that of the CC Sun Base.

    Same goes for luminosity, the regular CC Cream scores a point more.

    In terms of tone correction, the Sun Base is ahead of the classic this time.

    And lastly, longevity wise, the Sun Base also does better as compared to the classic CC Cream.

    To use, apply an appropriate amount after your basic skin care routine. Start from the inner area of your face then proceed to the outer area with a gentle motion. Layer some under the eye area, T-Zone and on the tip of your chin to define the face.

    1. Prime Primers

      Prepare your skin and create a smooth canvas for flawless make-up results with the help of a primer that was specially formulated by a company with 10 years of experience in creating the best base make-up. After years of trying to create the best, Banila Co. was finally given the crown for having the “Number 1 Primer” from Get It Beauty’s Blind Test. With that said, Banila Co’s Prime Primers aren’t just your ordinary primer. It was specially formulated for those struggling to keep their make-up intact throughout the day. With a wide range of variants available, you are sure to find one that will fit perfectly with your skin’s needs.

      So what exactly does this do and why is there a need to apply primer?
      A primer is your power-tool to maximize your make-up products’ potentials. It helps prolong your make-up’s staying power and also improves its finish. Banila Co’s Prime Primers has a rich texture that gently settles onto the skin with a velvety finish. And like what any good primer should do, this product absorbs extra sebum and keeps your make-up in place even after a long day. With these features, your make-up will surely stay on better as compared to when you don't apply a primer beforehand.

      Banila Co. also offers a wide range of options on primers so that you can get one that perfectly matches your skin.

      The first one is the classic type, which is Banila Co’s representative primer. This is targeted for all skin-types and provides a clean and satin-finish formula. It also softens the appearance of skin imperfections so that your base make-up’s coverage ability will be at its maximum power.

      The next option is for those who are more on the oilier side. The Prime Primer Matte has the strongest sebum-controlling power amongst all choices. This completely absorbs excess oil and controls sebum on the T-zone, cheeks and nose area of the face. It also tightens the pores to prevent the secretion of more excess oil.

      The third option is the Prime Primer Hydrating which targets those who are suffering from dry skin. This primer has an oil-free formula and a moisture-rich texture to soothe dehydrated skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and smooth for a cleaner make-up finish.

      The Prime Primer line offers a Blur variant, which is a pearlescent base that diffuses light for an even and a soft-focus look. Think of the “blur” tool in photo editing softwares, that’s exactly what this primer is aiming for. Bonus points for the highlighted effect it gives!

      The fifth and last kind is the Prime Primer Purity. It is highly recommended for those struggling with sensitive skin as this provides oil-free hydration and is very lightweight. Its Vegetable Herb Extract and Phytoncide Pine ingredients cancel out the redness of the skin and soothe it as well.

      Did you know that there are different ways to apply primer? Applying it in accordance to your skin’s needs will actually maximize the primer’s effect, thus, giving you the best results!

      For oily skin, smooth out some primer along your T-Zone and U-zone because those are the areas in which sebum comes up the most.

      For dry skin, remember to pre-moisten even before putting on some primer to supply enough hydration to your skin. After your skin care routine, apply the primer onto your cheeks and nose area since they are prone to moisture imbalance and breakouts. Also apply to any other area that needs special care so that your skin texture will be smooth and ready for make-up application.

      For those with combination skin, it is recommended that you give a bit of hydration to trouble areas in order to even out the texture balance of your skin condition. Dab some primer onto your T-zone and cheeks since these are the common troubled areas due to moisture-oil imbalance.

      1.  Prime Primer Finish Powder

        Top up your perfect make-up with Banila Co’s  Prime Primer Finish Powder to achieve budge-free make-up even hours after application. This powder stands as a makeup fixer in the morning and as an oil blotter in the afternoon. What makes this 2-in-1 powder even better is that it also comes in a Hydrating variant that will suit those with dry, dehydrated skin!

        If you wish to brighten up your complexion and to create a silky smooth skin texture, go for the regular Prime Primer Finish Powder. However, if you want a sheer coverage that won’t dry up your already dry skin, get your hands on the Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder.

        Though both types give off a different finish, they both perform just as amazingly and they both prove to not only absorb the oil from the skin, but it also helps the skin’s moisture persistency to last!

        The usage of this product comes in a variety as well. Like mentioned earlier, you can use it as a make-up fixer and an oil blotter. You may apply an extra amount on the area near the hair line as this will prevent your hair from sticking to your skin, especially on hot and humid days when you tend to get sweaty. Before putting on eye make-up, you can mattify the eye area with the help of this powder so the products go on smoother and appear more pigmented. Lastly, you can also use this on your hair. Yep, not on the face, but on the hair. For hygienic purposes, however, use a different puff to dab some powder onto your hair to get rid of greasiness. This is ideal during long-haul flights as air inside the plane can be really dry, causing our pores to produce more oil than usual which results to greasy hair and dehydrated skin.

        Bonus fact! The Prime Primer Finish Powder won 4 crowns at Beauty Awards— that itself should say something about this product, right?

        1. Eye Love 3D Brow Cushion

          Get them eyebrows on fleek real quick with the help of Banila Co’s Eye Love 3D Brow Cushion! If you want to achieve perfect brows but quite hesitant about your brow shape and how it might not compliment your face shape, worry no more for we’ve got your back on that too!

          Perfect eyebrows are a combination of well-kept hair and the perfect eyebrow product. If you’re one who has a round face, go for an eyebrow shape that has a high arch to give your face a more sophisticated look. Should your face shape be square, then it is ideal to go for a half-moon brow shape to soften up your jaw line. However, if you still want to maintain a defined jaw line, then it would be best to settle with a straight brow look. For those with heart-shaped face, draw rounded-arch brows to balance your forehead and chin proportion. Lastly, for the beauties with a more elongated face, go for a voluminous straight brow to make your face look more youthful.

          Now that you’ve found the perfect brow shape that will complement your face shape, grab the Eye Love 3D Brow Cushion for natural-yet-on-fleek looking brows. Just a few touches of this gel-type product can already give your brows a multi-dimensional volume. Don’t let the “gel-type” aspect scare you though! This is built with a formula that’s made to dry quickly while giving a natural effect as if you were one of the lucky ones born with already awesome eyebrows! Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, this brow cushion will be easy and convenient to use since the elastic filtering net perfectly controls the amount of product it dispenses with every push. It also comes with an angled brush that you can use to contour, fill in, and groom your brows! Total bang for the buck since you get both a brush and an innovative brow product!

          1. Cover 10 Perfect Cushion

            Cushions have been huge trend in the beauty market lately, but what kind exactly should you go for? You’ve heard a lot about cushions and their powers and you’re probably stranded in a crucial crossroad among so many choices. If your dream cushion is one that is non-sticky, long-lasting, and buildable but weightless in terms of coverage, then the Cover 10 Perfect Cushion is the best way to go!

            Pull your confidence straight up with the help of the longwearing and full-concealing Cover 10 Perfect Cushion.  This cushion works with the help of the “Cover 10 Performance System” which makes the foundation adhere well onto the skin while providing a lightweight finish and a flawless coverage. This even goes beyond just giving you the coverage that you need. This cushion offers brightening, wrinkle-refining and skin-protecting abilities! The Cover 10 Perfect Cushion’s semi-matte finish will make your skin look clean and smooth even at the closest distance, so goodbye to imperfection worries!

            To achieve the perfect coverage in the most minimal amount of time, pat your puff on the center of your face. Using a patting motion will give you more coverage so if you have dark spots you’d like to conceal, make sure to pat or dab instead. Work your way out in a blending motion as this will help even out the product on your skin, giving you a flawless and seamless finish.

            Should you want to add dimension to your face, take some pearlescent make-up base and apply down onto your T-zone and eye area to give a strobed effect. Do avoid using liquid or cream types of highlighters, though, so it doesn’t mix up with the cushion.

            It is also possible to tweak this cushion’s features if you’re not a fan of its semi-matte finish. For a dewy look, spritz a facial mist onto the puff before picking up some of the product. The pre-moistened puff will still give you the coverage, but now with a more lustrous finish.

            Now, if you’re wondering how the performance of this came to be how it is, it is actually because of the following ingredients and systems:

            • TrimelaGel CLM – for maximum coverage
            • Skin Binder Powder – for product longevity
            • Magnetic Cover Layer – helps the product adhere onto the skin better
            • Silver Vine – a skin refiner
            • Vanilla Planifolia – improves the skin
            • Trehalose – provides hydration
            • Hyaluronic Filling Sphere – firms and tightens the skin
            • Portulaca Oleracea Extract - pacifies the skin.

            With all the makeup that you’ve got, you also need to make sure that you exert extra effort when it comes to your skin care routine! Not only would it make your skin clear and healthy from within, it’ll also help you achieve an even better canvas for flawless application of any product! Nourish your skin with Banila Co’s best skin care items and prepare to be #LitFromWithin!


            1. Clean It Zero

              One of the best ways to achieve clearer skin is by thorough but gentle cleansing. Often times, people over-cleanse their skin with products that aren’t suitable for their skin type in hopes of totally removing excess make-up and debris. Other than possibly breaking out due to over-cleansing and using the wrong cleansing product, a wrong make-up cleanser can also cause your skin to age faster than the usual. Yikes! With Banila Co’s Clean It Zero, you’ll have zero stress and zero worries when it comes to removing your make-up!

              Ever wondered why it’s called Clean It Zero?

              This is because you get ZERO run-down of the sherbet formula, ZERO residue after cleansing, and ZERO dryness after cleansing.

              The Zero run-down of the sherbet formula makes cleansing less messy since no product runs down to your neck, arms or sink. Very ideal for those who love to travel!

              The Zero residue after cleansing is because it perfectly removes even the most waterproof make-up that there is. Trust us, removing Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit is no longer a pain in the back because of this cleanser. And the oh so tenacious mascara? Yup, Clean It Zero can completely remove it and you don’t even have to rub your eyes harshly in order to get rid of it. Bid goodbye to lash fallouts and eye wrinkles caused by intense rubbing.

              Aside from being such a good and effective make-up remover, this cleansing balm still maintains your skin’s natural moisturize. It doesn't strip moisture away from your skin so don’t worry over the thoughts of getting flaky skin due to how strong the cleansing power of Clean It Zero is. If anything, you’ll notice how smooth your skin will feel after the usage of this cleansing balm. Did we also mention that it doubles as a skin care product as well? Clean It Zero is infused with papaya and acerola extracts which are both good for the skin.

              Why choose Clean It Zero?

              First of all, it has a Quick Melting Cleansing System that easily removes even the heaviest makeup. The makeup will melt away and clear your pores from dirt without irritating your skin.

              Next, the Clean It Zero Line caters to all skin types. We’ve listed down the types of Clean It Zero cleansers down below, so go see which variant suits your skin the best!

              • If you’re a fan of heavy make-up, the Classic one is for you!

              This mild cleanser contains papaya extracts that help melt away traces of makeup. Plus, it unclogs your pores from all the junk in it!

              • If you have sensitive skin, go for Purity!

              This is best for people whose skin is sensitive to weather changes and stress. Clean It Zero Purity contains 30% natural oil and a cool texture to minimize stress while still seamlessly removing make-up.

              This specific balm contains antioxidants from grape seed oil to strengthen your skin’s elasticity.

              This cleanser contains 15% natural oils and nutrients from Moringa trees. The texture of this cleanser will get rid of dead skill cells while the active ingredients will be in charge of leaving the skin clean and radiant. It has even been tested how with the use of this cleanser, the skin’s moisture level goes up by 5%!

              To use Clean It Zero, use the included spatula to scoop up some product onto your dry hand. Then massage the cleansing balm onto your dry face. At this point, it will look like a clear oil is coating your face. After a minute, dampen your fingers and massage the product onto your skin to melt the product. As sherbet begins to melt, you will notice how all your makeup is getting dissolved. Once done, rinse off with water and go on with your next skin care steps.

              If you’re in a hurry and you’ve no time to completely wash off, a wet tissue would be enough to remove the product on your face. This won’t leave an oily film on your skin so don’t worry. It’s also gentle and won’t cause your skin to breakout even if you didn’t wash it off with water.

              Sooner or later, if you happen to become like one of the many people who has turned into considering the Clean It Zero as their Holy Grail product, you might want to do a bit of wise spending by investing on the Supersized Clean It Zero. The supersize comes with 80mL more, so instead of stocking up on a lot of Clean It Zero Classics, invest and go with the Supersize variant.

              1. It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack

                End your day with a brightening and moisturizing sleeping pack that contains 10 different types of flowers that aim to make your skin clean and luminous.

                If your skin suffers from severe dehydration and dullness, give the It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack a shot to liven up your skin in an instant!

                The It Radiant Sleeping Pack is a 2-in-1 product as it can serve as a day cream as well. If you want to use it as a cream, apply a light layer onto your skin. If you want to use it as a sleeping pack, apply a more generous amount before going to bed. Whichever way you use to choose it, this cream will definitely give you a dewy finish to make you look more and immediately radiant.

                Though moisturizing and dewy, this cream leaves no sticky feeling behind. It is also formulated with the Waterdrop Formation so that the cream can deliver intense moisturization. While the Waterdrop Formation moisturizes the skin, this cream also comes packed with Carob Seed and 10 different types of white flowers to further nourish and cleanse the skin’s deepest layers.

                1. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream 

                  Yep, an intensely-hydrating-but-not-greasy kind of cream actually exists.  Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream is more than just carrying all the benefits of honey, it is also known for being rich in moisture without leaving a greasy cast on the skin.

                  What exactly are the benefits of honey in the first place?

                  First off, honey is anti-bacterial, so it’s great for those with acne-prone skin. This is also great for future prevention and for lessening your acne breakouts. 

                  Second, honey is full of antioxidants, therefore slowing down the aging of your skin.

                  Third, this gives a big boost of radiance to your complexion. Honey is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps your skin attain a luminous and flawless glow.

                  Lastly, honey helps to clean your pores. It unclogs your pores for smoother-looking complexion.

                  With all those benefits in mind, add in the fact that the formula of this product penetrates deeply into the epidermis for a greater effect. Now that the nourishing honey is deep down into the skin, this cream will ensure to lock in the hydration with the help of its cube coating aspect.

                  If you think that you don't need such cream because your skin type is oily or combination, think again. This cream is made to cater to all skin types, thus having several methods of usage so that it can fit your taste.

                  No matter what your skin condition is, you can use this both in the morning and at night. For mornings, apply a generous amount of the cream after cleansing since your pores would still be open by then. Gently massage onto skin in order  for the moisture to be well absorbed. At night, wash your face with cold and tepid water in the last step of your cleansing routine. Once done, take some cream and gently massage it outwards, beginning from the center of the face using your fingertips. Doing so will help relieve your skin from the stress caused by many different factors. 

                  As for those with dry skin, you can mix this cream with the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil for a richer application. After patting it onto the skin, you may also use the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Stick on areas that needs more hydration. Simply twist the tube and dab some in those trouble areas. For combination skin, after using the cream at night, use the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Hydrogel Mask so that the ingredients of both products will be better absorbed by skin. In that way, you get additional hydration as well!

                  Finally, for oily skin, it is recommended that you use the cream alone. Smooth it out over the entire face to keep your skin’s moisture balanced. Should you use the cream during the day, use some finish powder over this to achieve a more matte and smoother finish.

                  1. It Radiant Brightening Toner

                    Pair this up with your It Radiant Brightening Sleeping pack and wake up feeling like Sleeping Beauty! The It Radiant Brightening Toner contains aurora particles which will brighten up your skin and provide it with a natural-looking glow. Other than having a gel-type consistency for better absorbance of moisture, this toner also creates a layer that would wrap over the skin to lock in hydration while imparting it with some radiance.

                    1. White Wedding Dream Cream

                      If you’re struggling with dull and flaky skin, then the White Wedding Dream Cream is the perfect treat for your skin. This cream contains a Bouquet Flower Complex and Vitamin ingredients to ensure the hydration of the skin and to counter dryness as well. To address oil issues, the Micro Blooming Powder in this cream absorbs excess sebum and can even prolong your make-up’s longevity. This ingredient also provides your skin a boost of brightness immediately after you apply it. A blend of Vitamin C and Niacinamide is present as well which whitens your skin with continued use. With those three, you can brighten up your skin and go one tone lighter after use. Keep on using it and you’ll see that it lightens your dark spots as well.

                      You might think that the White Wedding Dream Cream is merely a skin care product that gives your skin the moisturization it needs while giving a brightening effect. It does its skin care function really well but it can also be used as a make-up base and a strobing cream! After cleansing and toning your face, apply the Dream Cream first before moving onto your base make-up. This actually makes a huge difference to your make-up! Still doubtful? Head over to BeautyMNL and see how the Dream Cream steps up your whole make-up look!

                      If you’re not a fan of dewy, glowing skin and would rather highlight certain areas of the face, the Dream Cream is still the product for you. Use it as a strobing cream and pat it on the high points of your face that you’d like to enhance— middle of the forehead, nose bridge and cheek bones. This will give you natural-looking glowing skin without having to worry about looking too oily or greasy. 

                      This was one, long and detailed post, huh? Well, as they say, it’s best for you to know a lot of things about a product before buying. Always check the ingredients before purchasing something, especially beauty products! A little knowledge won’t hurt. You’re applying it onto your face after all and the last thing we want is to experience breakouts and side reactions.

                      Now that you’re totally aware of our best-selling products, perhaps you’d like to include some of these in your shopping list?

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