So Contouring

Beauty vlogger Purpleheiress demonstrates how to use the So Contouring collection to achieve a natural-looking contour that's perfect for everyday!


1. Use the lighter shade first and apply on areas you wish to contour. This product alone will give your face a bit of dimension.

 2. To amplify the contour, use the darker shade of the twin stick and apply by drawing the number 3 or an inverted number 3 on the sides of your face. Start from your temples down to your cheekbones and jaw line.

 3. Always remember to blend out the harsh edges of your cream contour.



1. To make your contour last longer, set it with the darkest shade of the So Contouring Cake using a brush.

 2. If you wish to set your concealer, you may also use the neutral beige shadow.

3. The peachy shimmery shade may be used as a highlighter or even as a blush.


So Contouring Jelly

1. Although the So Contouring Jelly is often used to give the face a more natural contour, it may also be used to easily contour the nose.

2. Using the pad of your finger or a brush, apply the darker shade on the sides of the nose. Make sure to start with a small amount of product as it is easier to build up the color rather than erase the excess.

 3. To make the nose look more slimmer and taller, use your finger to apply the lighter shade down the bridge of your nose.


Watch Purpleheiress' full video below to learn more tips and tricks when it comes to contouring!

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