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Curation Philosophy

Our goal is to look for Korean beauty products that deserve to be on our top shelf i.e. what we girls like to call our holy grail products.   We can’t lie to you, this process is loads of fun:

  • As women, we love our frequent trips to Korea in search of cult sensations that have engendered a passionate following.   
  • We reach out to brand representatives to learn about the product’s heritage
  • Wade through what seems like an endless number of peer reviews
  • Vet the ingredients to make sure the product has the right actives and contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Then the real fun begins.  We do in house testing to corroborate the hype.   We also enlist the help of our families and friends to make sure we get feedback from people with a variety of skin tones and skin types.
  • Through it all, we are confident in the products that eventually make it to our site.  If it is something that we don’t envision using on a daily basis, then it doesn’t have a place in BTG.     

From our experience, we found that the best products don’t necessarily reside within household brands.  The Koreans’ passion for skincare and cosmetics is such a fertile environment for young and innovative cosmetics companies that produce category busting products. The best part is when we get to share with you brands with a small footprint but go on to gain cult favorite status.  

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