Korean vs Western Skincare

More holistic approach.
Puts a premium on prevention and skincare.
Emphasis on spot treatments.
Heavy reliance on makeup to cover up flaws.
Strives for dewy, luminous, firm skin. Preference for matte, oil-free face
Stresses the importance of layering, with each successive step satisfying a specific purpose: prep, renew, treat, hydrate, protect.
Inclination towards multifunctional products
Double Cleansing: Two step cleansing method that first uses an oil base cleanser to dissolve makeup and excess oil. This is followed by a foam cleanser to eliminate dirt.

Use of all in one cleanser


Very even luminous skin.
Fresh, flawless, and youthful looking face.
Heavy emphasis on contouring, highlighting, and bronzing.
Light colors on the eyes. Heavy smoky look.
Prefer bright skin complexion Mature and tan finish
Straight across and soft eyebrows High arch eyebrows
Bright, radiant lips Full lips

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