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Dear Hydration Boosting Cream


There is no such thing as being "too hydrated" so don't fret about having various moisturizers. Besides, each cream has its own specialty that would ensure that your skin will always stay healthy.

If you're looking for a moisturizer that will not just provide your skin with lasting hydration but will also enhance your make-up, then the Dear Hydration Boosting Cream is perfect for you. It has a 3 steps transforming formula that purifies and then moisturizes the skin. Infused with false daisy extracts, this cream locks in moisture in the deeper layers of the skin to keep you protected from pollution. This moisturizer also imparts a dewy, healthy glow on your skin that enhances your make-up once applied.

The Dear Hydration product line is recommended to all skin types, but is especially formulated to cater to those with dry and rough skin. Its Urban Water Guard System consists of mint, basil and neem leaf extracts protect the skin from pollution, reduces stress and keeps it moisturized and free from acne-inducing dirt.

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