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Hi Bye Soothing Barrier Cream


A lot of external factors can harm your skin, such as stress and air pollution. Just like us, our skin also needs to be destressed and soothed.

Having sensitive skin is sometimes caused by harmful environment. Pollution and other factors can weaken the skin barrier which might trigger breakouts. In order to soothe the skin and supply it with lasting moisture, use the Hi Bye Soothing Barrier Cream. It is dermatologist tested and is highly recommended for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Once applied, this cream immediately penetrates the different layers of the skin and and allows the ingredients to be completely absored.

The Hi Bye Soothing skincare line is made especially for those with sensitive and acne prone-skin caused by harsh external factors. It has Natural Protector ingredients such as cinnamon, green beans and oregano which are known to have antibacterial, soothing and moisturizing functions.

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